Tuesday 5th November, 2019  

Thank you to all those that placed their bets in our annual Ryder-Cheshire cup sweep. For those with the urge to have a flutter there was much excitement in anticipation that their horse would win.  The sweep draw was officiated by our Resident Carer Anne and Julie, a carer from Tassie.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the day:  Glen won 1st and 3rd place and Julie took out 2nd place.  (Had the stewards not logged a review Glen would have had a clean sweep!!)


On that note, we thank all punters for partaking in this iconic race and joining in the fun and giggles.  Here is an image of Julie. She is  such a clever and creative soul. She conjured up this wonderful headgear fashioned out of a porcelain cup adorned with flower. A true ‘cup’ hat/fascinator.  Shen then wore this as a surprise when she visited the hospital.

Thanks Anne for this report.

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