Saturday 2nd March 2019 – Quilts in the Garden

Carol and Tony McLennan have run a number of very successful Quilts in the Garden events in their garden in Traralgon to raise funds for Klibur Domin. the Ryder-Cheshire home in Timor Leste. In March this year, they were the driving force behind a group of people from Ryder-Cheshire Victoria and from the Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Home, who joined together to run a similar event in the gardens of the Ivanhoe Home, for the benefit of both Klibur Domin and the Ivanhoe Home.

The morning of Saturday 2nd March saw a flurry of activity as the many metres of fishing line, which had been installed around the garden at the Ivanhoe Home, were festooned with a dazzling array of handmade patchwork quilts. It was a beautiful sight! The quilts were the work of many talented patchwork groups and individuals mostly from the Gippsland area, including Carol McLennan.

There was also a display of donated art works for sale and trading tables selling plants, books, cards, handcrafts and bric-a-brac. Raffles were conducted with quilts and art works as prizes, and afternoon tea was served in the community room. John Mazur who is a professional entertainer, travelled from his home in Gippsland and volunteered his time to play the guitar and sing, which added greatly to the festive atmosphere in the gardens.

This event brought together a wide range of people who worked harmoniously together for a shared purpose, and a produced a very tidy profit, which was shared equally between Klibur Domin and the Ivanhoe Home. The organisers were very grateful to everyone who braved the unseasonably hot and sultry weather on the day, especially everyone who travelled from Gippsland.

Here is a link for those wishing to further support the Ryder-Cheshire Home in Timor Leste….. and

Here is a link for those wishing to further support the Ivanhoe Homes in Victoria.

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