Friday 24th May – End of Era & A New Beginning 


After some 20 year our beloved Sister Jane Gorey has decided to move into the golden years of retirement.

Sister Jane first joined the Homes in 1993 and stayed for three years before moving on with her ministry with the Brigidine Order. But fortunately for us she returned in 2002 until now.

On Friday, 24th May, together with her much loved cat Suzie, Jane moved into a unit managed by the Brigidine Order in Carnegie. But happily she will be back on Thursdays to run her popular art classes.

In her years with the Homes Jane was a tower of strength, particularly to our residents many of whom at the time were going through what was perhaps the most stressful and traumatic period in their lives. Jane provided a warm and comfortable presence, she was empathetic, understanding and most of all was available for our residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jane was the Homes’ “go to” person, no matter the problem, and she was as understanding and helpful to the staff and volunteers as she was to our residents. She oversaw many changes to the Homes, not the least of which was the installation of lifts in our Buildings 12 and 14. A massive undertaking which saw each building closed down while each lift was installed, causing disruption and noise, but with a skilled allocation of resources Jane kept inconvenience to the residents to a minimum.

We had a farewell afternoon tea for Jane on Sunday, 19th May attended by some 60 or so of her friends, past residents, volunteers, staff and Committee. Also attending was Sister Ann, Provincial of the Brigidine Order and Sister Katrina, also of the Order who will be one of Jane’s close neighbours in Carnegie.

After all these years Jane and her contribution will be sorely missed. A simple “Thank you” seems somewhat inadequate after all she has done for the Homes, but It’s said with sincerity and love.

Sister Jane, Thank You.

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