Based on the current State Government refunds

If claiming from DHHS :

Victoria  $45 per person / per night

Tasmania $89.09 per person per night

South Australia:  $40 per person / per night

Western Australia:  $60 per person / per night or $75 for two people per night

New South Wales:  $75 per night for the first 7 nights, then $120 per night onwards

Queensland & Northern Territory:  $60 per person / per night

Children allowed at discretion of management under extenuating circumstances:

Children aged:   0-1 year old – no charge        2 – 15 years old – $15 per child / per night

Those staying longer than 5 nights may be able to have their accommodation Bulk Billed. If eligible, we ask that these arrangements be made at the start of their stay to ensure all the required paperwork is in order.  Anyone staying less than 5 nights will be asked to pay upfront and claim the cost of accommodation on their own.

If they have made Bulk Billing arrangements for their accommodation and wish to claim travel home on weekends during scheduled treatment they are required to pay $30 per room per night for those nights you will be away.

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