The aim of the Ivanhoe Homes is to provide comfortable and supportive, low cost accommodation to patients and their carers coming to Melbourne for hospital treatment.

Any hospital in Melbourne is eligible to refer patients and carers to the home for accommodation. Initial bookings must be made/confirmed by a doctor, liaison nurse, social worker, or other professional at the treating hospital.  Residents who have previously stayed with us may make subsequent bookings directly themselves (if they have stayed within the last 24 months) to attend hospital appointments or treatment.

It is at the discretion of Management if we accept a patient or carer who lives under 100kms from the treating hospital.

We accept patients claiming TAC, Workcover and State Patient Transport Schemes. The cost to residents is kept to a minimum and is usually tied to the amount claimable from Workcover, TAC or the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme of their home state. Eligibility and payments vary from state to state.

Upon your arrival we will do our best to notify you of our accommodation costs and/or the various claim requirements.  If you are in any doubt regarding accommodation costs please to not hesitate to speak to Sandra or Leila in the office asap.

We accept cash and have EFTPOS facilities.  We do not provide invoices to residents; however, upon payment we do provide receipts.

If you are staying less than 5 nights we ask that you pay upfront on arrival. If eligible, you may then claim back the accommodation cost from the relevant government department.

RATES (Based on the current relevant State Government schemes):

If claiming from DHHS :

Victoria:   $45 per person / per night.

Northern Territory & Queensland: $60 per person / per night.

Tasmania:   $89.09 per person / per night.

South Australia:  $44 per person / per night.

Western Australia:  $106.10 per person / per night or $121.10 for two people per night.

New South Wales:  $75 per night for the first 7 nights. $125 per night from the 8th night onwards.

ACT: $50 per person / per night.

Children aged:   0-1 year old – no charge        2 – 15 year old – $15 per child / per night

(Children are permitted to stay only on Friday and Saturday nights unless they are the patient)

Extra person staying on fold out bed:  $15 per person / per night

Payment is required on arrival. 

Those staying longer than 5 nights may be able to have their accommodation Bulk Billed. If eligible we ask that these arrangements be made at the start of your stay to ensure all the required paperwork is in order.

If you have made Bulk Billing arrangements for your accommodation and choose to claim your travel home on weekends the government will not cover the cost of keeping your room here while you are at home. You will therefore need to either check out of your room or pay $30 per night for those nights you will be away from the Ivanhoe Homes to keep your room.

Here is more information on the Government Assistance Schemes

The Ivanhoe Homes relies on this accommodation income together with support from many community groups, particularly in regional areas, for our continued operation. The Ivanhoe Homes does not receive any government financial or other support and do not seek it.  We prefer to be independent as far as possible.  The support of service groups and individuals from towns whose residents have benefited from the home have helped sustain our operations.  Many former residents remain active supporters.

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