24th January Music Night

The first of our 2019 Music Nights saw the biggest attendance we have had, it was full house with 26 in attendance. It was lovely seeing our dedicated trio of musicians all geared up and excited for another year, while residents were lining up at the door! Special mention was for Michael (& Debbie Welsh) who was a patient/resident/carer  at Ryder some 7 months ago, came for the night to ‘jam’ on ‘snare drum’. He looked fabulous, fighting fit, with a great mop of hair, and having introduced him to the current residents was a great source of inspiration, faith & hope for residents. Also we were extremely pleased to  see Marty back in fine form, so much so two lady patients could not resist getting up to dance, which bought much applause, smiles & laughter all round.  So it was another successful fun night! Some residents comments: Excellent, fabulous, uplifting of spirits, brilliant & many thank you (s) with one couple who mentioned they rushed home from their dinner so they could join in on our night, is a lovely compliment.

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