25th July  Music Night

Our get together music nights never disappoint…tonight saw 14 residents partake in an atmosphere of a special kind where camaraderie was felt between all residents and musos, that illuminated the nights experience for all.

Our dedicated trio were once again their usual fabulous selves with a great ensemble of up-tempo music was again joined by ex-resident patient Michael on snare drum, who also shared his ‘surviving cancer story’ when diagnosed 18 months ago, had the residents awed by inspiration. Michael, then with wife Deb finished the night with a rendition of ‘I’ve got you Babe’, followed by Michael’s velvet voice, he gave tribute to Elvis and Bobby Darren. Marty who is now an ex-resident also joined in, as he does, with his ab lib music rap, which always stuns the residents.

Deb being the sweetheart that she is also arranged birthday tribute cakes for Geoff & John from the band and, for resident Darren who celebrates his birthday over the weekend. Nonetheless it was a wonderful night filled with ‘love’ where the simple gathering of people thru music that often begins with curiosity of ‘a look see’ yet often is the beginning where life-long friendships are formed is nothing short of a wonderful time in each of our lives.

Tres Bien Anne Chan

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