28th November Music Night

Once again, our Music Nights never fails to ‘work it’s magic’ for our residents, as despite the circumstances which brings them to Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Homes we always see the power of music lift the weight of burden from their shoulders, and where a lift in spirit occurs.

Tonight ,was no exception as 18 residents joined our night.  One came prepared with his 12-string guitar and eased himself comfortably in with our majestic band.  Thus, it was a night of excellent music, great sing-along songs and a foray of laughter.  Tonight, a strong ambiance was shared between everyone in the room and it was the power of music that brought us together.  I came across this anonymous quote which I would like to share with you: ‘Music can heal the wound that medicine cannot touch’.

Thank you to all those who attended including, our wonderful trio; Deb, Jeff and John, and our extras; Mike on snares, Marty on vocals and Jon on his 12-string guitar.

Thanks Anne for this report.

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