24th October Music Night

What a lovely gorgeous night we had as it seems we are gathering quite a few musos in our troupe which our twelve residents were greatly appreciative of.

Our line-up this month were usual suspects Geoff, on bass guitar & vocals (from Corowa), Deb our gorgeous songbird (local) who weaves her magic, ex-resident Mick & Deb on snares & vocals (Sale), Mike lead guitar & vocals (Bittern) and ex-resident Marty with ad-hoc vocals (is local). So, not only are our residents from the bush some of our musos travel from afar to provide us with much song, wine, laughs & good cheer!

Tonight we saw and heard a slightly different repertoire of music which consisted of wonderful old favourites from mainly the 60’s, such as Deb’s rendition of Boots Are Made For Walking, To Sir With Love, Everlasting Love & Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, were so wonderful to sing along to but of course Deb has a magical way of engaging her audience! Our Geoff also introduced an original number which he wrote ages ago called ‘Flat Top Rocker’ an up-tempo, made you want to dance number was fabulous, and may I add, had won a prize from a man in the industry who wears a hat! Now the only person I can think of is MM, such a modest man our Geoff, and talented as well, but we all knew that!

Mick on guitar & vocals did a beautiful job with Walking The Dog and my favourite Wish You Were Here. We also heard from snare drum Mick who had everyone mesmerised with Kermit the Frog’s Rainbow Connection, followed by Goodnight My Love, was absolutely gorgeous. To add Mick’s story of his recovery from cancer was filled with positive thoughts and luck to everyone, was touching. Plus, of course our Marty with his ad-hoc blues song by Marty, never fails to impress.

All in all it was another successful music night as we thank all our residents who attended as well as to all our wonderful musicians for making it such a special night.



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