26th September  Music Night

This month we had both Geoff & Johnno away yet as the old saying goes ‘the show must go on’ and so it did, for we had special return guest ex-resident Mick & Deb (from Sale) on snares & velvet vocals, special guest Mike who filled in on beautiful lead guitar & humble vocals with many songs from the 70’s, with of course Marty and one of his ad hoc rap type songs with a deep blues sound, plus our enigmatic & exceptional lead vocalist Deb the songbird, with such a line-up, it was truly another night to remember and was greatly applauded.

Tonight we saw eleven residents thoroughly enjoy the night where they got to participate in singing, for our clever Deb took the initiative to make up laminated lyrics to hand out to residents, so they could partake in the chorus for many of the songs, she’s such a gem!

Then, suddenly Graham & Lyndy got up and started doing the jive with much cheer from the crew, it was sensational, they really added to the night! Later Graham mentioned he is usually a shy person, but hey, you can never keep those from Mildura still!

So it was another fun night as we thank the residents for their participation, to our gorgeous Deb who was the gracious band leader of the night and special thanks to the 3 M’s: Mike, Mick and Marty for sharing with us another great night, which was had by all!

Tres Bien, Merci: Anne.

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