30th January Music Night

15 people, including staff and previous residents turned out to enjoy the music light banter and comic relief provided by our trio. The atmosphere is always without doubt a therapeutic process where residents predicaments are put aside and some resemblance of being care-free unfolds, it’s a wonderful sight to behold, it’s not like magic, because it is magic !

We are always so fortunate to have Deb with her impressive voice and tonight she made these huge chorus signs, so residents could participate in songs, added much gusto to the evening, also Geoff with his gracious foray of guitar playing and John for giving the trio texture with his bass guitar, was much applauded. Plus, our resident Faith, shared the stage with our trio for a couple of songs while ex-resident Marty stepped up with a more up-tempo wrap song which was well-received.

All in all, it was another successful music night and the room was filled with much laughter, joy, love and camaraderie, which was ‘a feeling’ residents took away with them.

Thanks Anne, for this report.

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