Wednesday 26th June – Heidi Yuen, Acupuncturist

June’s guest speaker was Heidi Yuen,  a Chinese medical practitioner.  She explained that pain is nature’s way of telling you that the body isn’t functioning as effectively as it might. Pain can take over people’s lives and is most usually relieved by Western medicine. Chinese medicine is based on the flow of energy through the body via meridian lines. Energy or chi can be blocked due to illness or injury and this can be unblocked with acupuncture and other Chinese medicine practices. Acupuncture calms the body and lessens the pain.

In a simple and at times very humorous way Heidi explained how acupuncture and cupping can  stimulate and relax and the benefits of qi gong.

A number of residents and a few ‘newbies’ from the local community also thoroughly enjoyed the delicious afternoon tea again provided by Alphington CWA.

Thanks Rosemary for this report

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