At the Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Homes we are delighted to have been awarded a COVID-19 Community Support Grant from the Banyule City Council. This grant is to provide access to technology, training, and social engagement, for volunteers and residents in the COVID-19 new normal world.

The grant will enable us to buy two laptops with Norton Security, and two modems with portable internet access for a full year.

We are currently creating an intranet and social hub, which will contain a range of training modules relevant to the Homes, as well as to keeping COVID safe in the broader community. For those who do not have access to a desktop or laptop, we will be able to deliver one of our laptops to a volunteer’s home, allowing them to stay COVID safe while completing the modules. We will then be able to collect the laptops and sanitise them between users.  

When the laptops are not in use by our volunteers, they will be made available to our residents.  We hope this will help residents to stay connected with their family and community, as well as helping them manage their paperwork, finances, treatments plans, and travel plans and permits, all of which may have been made more complicated by the pandemic.

We are most grateful to Banyule City Council for providing this grant, and we look forward to having this project up and running very soon.


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