Here at the Ivanhoe Homes, we are extremely fortunate to have many talented and caring people stay with us while they are receiving treatment at hospitals in Melbourne. In between treatments and appointments, some of our residents volunteer to help with minor maintenance, gardening and other tasks around the Homes. We are always grateful to all those who help out while

Over the past few weeks we have had Stephen McCauley helping in the garden, trimming, weeding, deadheading etc.  He has also planted some corn that he hopes future residents will enjoy eating, and we have promised to freeze some for him for his next stay here in February 2021. In the photo you can see Stephen appropriately masked and ready for action in the garden. Stephen is from the lovely Wangaratta area, 234km up the Hume Highway. There may be many Melburnians contemplating a trip to Wangaratta and many other beautiful regions, now that the ‘ring of steel’ is gone.

Thanks for all the help Stephen, and thanks to all the others who have pitched in during pandemic conditions while we have not been able to have the support of our wonderful volunteers from the local community.


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