Resident Carers are part of the fabric of the Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Homes, and are an essential part of creating a safe and friendly haven for residents during a difficult time in their lives. Many of our Resident Carers are international students who are juggling the commitments of study, work and life in a new city. As part of the Ivanhoe Homes’ commitment to supporting our Resident Carers and volunteers, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Terry Lawlor to the honorary position of Student Mentor.

Terry is a well-known and loved face at the Ivanhoe Homes, having volunteered here for over 14 years. Terry always has a warm welcome to greet guests, quickly making all who enter feel comfortable and settled. Always happy to have a chat, Terry is also a valuable source of local knowledge to help residents navigate their way.

Terry has degrees in both Arts and Education, and brings to his mentoring role a long history teaching English and Maths, and holding senior administrative positions, in a range of schools. Terry recently retired after teaching for more that twenty years at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School. He maintains a ferocious appetite to learn, is an avid reader, and is very fast to Google.

In this new role, Terry will be able to share his wealth of experience in teaching and learning, together with his vast knowledge of the Ivanhoe Homes, its operation and mission. He will help to further support, guide and assist the student Resident Carers in their studies, work and lives here at the Homes.

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