Nicky and Leila 

It is with great pleasure that we can tell you that our new management team of Nicky Robinson (Manager) and Leila Savitri (Assistant Manager) took over their new roles on Monday 4 May 2020.

As you probably know, Nicky has been in the Day Manager role for 2 years plus, working closely with Angie, and becoming conversant with all aspects of the management of the Homes. Therefore, it was great to learn that Nicky had decided that the time was right for her to take on the lead role. All who have come in contact with Nicky will have experienced her very positive and supportive approach, which is backed by a host of expert skills in office management, accounting, IT, philanthropy and fund raising, and other areas too numerous to mention. The Ryder-Cheshire philosophy of ‘the relief of suffering, without discrimination’ informs every aspect of her work at the Homes.

Managing the Homes is a very broad and complex task, which encompasses everything from reception duties right through to drafting policy, managing staff and reporting to the Board of Management. It is made especially difficult under the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention the current renovations and the absence of many volunteers who are self isolating. We all express our thanks to Nicky for taking up this important role and leading the Homes into the future.

Leila has been associated with the Homes for ten years as a member of the cleaning team, and more recently also providing back up at the reception desk and with other administrative duties. Leila has a Bachelor of Economics (majoring in accounting), and a long work history in accounting and management roles in both Indonesian and international companies. She also understands and speaks three languages – Indonesian, English and Dutch. Leila is highly committed to her work at the Homes, a dedication which is shared by her husband Iwan, who is indispensible in his role in the cleaning team, as well as solving countless other problems, all of which is done with his trademark cheerful efficiency.

It is a very big task to manage what is effect a medium sized hotel for people experiencing significant health challenges, on the budget of a not for profit organisation. Under the current pandemic conditions, it is even more challenging. However, we a delighted with our new management team who have committed to meet this challenge, and we offer Nicky and Leila the best wishes of the whole Homes community.


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