On Sunday March 8th 2020, Cr Alison Champion and Cr Tom Melican oversaw the awarding of this years Jaga Jaga Volunteer Awards.

Our Terry Lawlor was one of the recipients of this esteemed award. Terry has been a volunteer at the Homes since 2006 (14 years).  In that time, he has volunteered many public holidays, evenings and early mornings – times often hard to fill.

Terry is incredibly good at putting residents at ease and as a local, at providing our “out-of town: residents with valuable local knowledge.  He has the capacity to remember residents names, faces and storys thus making them feel settled and comfortable to chat at a time in their lives when much is out of control.  Several years ago, Terry was instrumental in providing First Aid to a patient/resident who was choking.  Thanks to Terry’s quick response the gentleman survived and returned from hospital very grateful to be able to shake Terry’s hand.

We hope that this award will demonstrate to Terry and those in our community how incredibly proud we are to have him as part of our team.


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